I always get so confused when people claim that feminism is only “a tumblr thing” and “isn’t important” because literally the feminist movement has arguably been going on since the 12th century. Women have invented the medical syringe, the windshield wiper blade, the entire science fiction genre and countless other things and have been successful rulers and still women are fighting for their rights against a patriarchy which tells them they aren’t worthy and people have the nerve to call feminism “just another trend.”



Went kayaking with my girlfriend and we made the cutest friend!

excuse me WHY are his hands up i cant handle this


this is my last transmutation, so sit back and enjoy the show



so tyler posey is at my school and i walked by him and he pointed at my shirt and just goes “HEY! I WAS THERE” and I asked him what date and he said ventura which is the date I went to and basically he was just really friendly and nice!!!

#tyler posey doesn’t wait for fans to approach him   #tyler posey is a fan of his fans   #what a dude   


Lucky to be born and born lucky.

Smile, Dear.


I actually have the shirts (and stickers) available :D Asexual here and Aromantic here.

I actually like the Asexual!Haru idea and thought to put him in a shirt design I’ve had in my head. I added Gou too ‘cause headcanon is that she’s Aromantic which explains why she hasn’t shown interest in anyone beyond aesthetic c:

Anyway! Done with quick doodle, back to work UuU

i look awful but you know who doesn’t look awful? ishimaru my beautiful son on his birthday god bless us everyone


bless u two

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